2 Nov 2013

Doctor Who inspired nail art - Exterminate!

Exterminate! Dalek nail art. (photo taken by Mr A)
Did a stab at getting back into doing nail art after a very long break. One of my absolute favourite TV shows is Doctor Who. I blogged about it in my very first blog post back in 2008. I wanted to do a nail art inspired by the show and since the Daleks have a very unique look which it's quite easy to capture, they ended up being my choice. Once again Pinterest worked as my inspiration, I found Polish Smoothie's Dalek nail art there. Might have to replicate the design at some other time, since it's absolutely gorgeous.

Funny thing about that first blog post, where I mention I never get hooked on things like exercising, eating healthy and saving money. Now I'm kind of hooked on all those things (not the cleaning though, never the cleaning). At least for the time being. Will perhaps have to get back to the money part at some other time. Basically no more mindless shopping!

I used a dotting tool for the dots, the polish I used for dotting wasn't the best choice since it was a bit runny. I haven't got a decent thin brush so the lines got a bit (= very) wobbly, I (kind of) fixed it by putting a glitter polish on top of the wobbly black line.

Nail polishes used: OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, OPI Warm & Fozzie, OPI Designer de Better, Essence Irreplaceable, Essence Gold Fever, Zoya Raven and Seche Vite top coat

Absolutely need to get a new flash for my DSLR camera, almost impossible to get decent pictures under a desktop lamp.


  1. It's really pretty, don't be so hard on yourself :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I know, it's just so hard not to compare my attempts at nail art to great nail artists, when following great nail bloggers like yourself ;)


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