4 Nov 2013

I would walk 500 miles

If I didn't have enough goals for this month from before (eat less meat and do the 30 day shred, was that all?), I have one more. Walking! Last night I realised I have been out walking every day (yes, three whole days) this month so far. So I decided to continue and see how many kilometres it adds up to this month. Walked today as well.

I use Sportstracker to log my walks on my phone so even though the gps on my oldish phone (good old almost reliable Nokia N8) isn't perfect it tracks the walks good enough for me.

Not counting walks to and from work, the supermarket and similar I've so far walked about 24 km this month, average of 6 km per day. Can't promise I can keep that up, but we'll see. I'll probably forget about all these goals by the end of the month, I guess it's not that serious.

And I have to add the video to one of my favourite songs at the end here, The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). I really should watch Benny & Joon again. I was thinking it must be a pretty old film, even though it doesn't feel THAT old. But when I checked and saw it is from 1993 and counted... twenty years! Wow! Anyways...

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